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Petani Beach, Paliki, Cephalonia, Greece

Petani are located in the western part of the island and specifically in the area of Paliki. The beach has taken its present form after the devastating earthquake of 1953. It is an beautiful beach with white pebbles and crystal clear aquamarine waters. It has been awarded the Blue Flag and is well organized.

According to some versions, the place has taken its name by combining the words Fly + Mind. According to some others, the name has a Homeric origin, and comes from the word “epepetans”, which means the place that has plenty of water throughout the year. Near Petani is the village of Kontogenada. On the way to the beach you can gaze down at a picture of incomparable beauty. The landscape is magical and this is due to the natural beauty of the area. Surrounded by stunning cliffs and green.

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Petani Beach, Paliki, Cephalonia, Greece

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