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παραλία Λούτσα Ιθάκη

Loutsa is the beach on the edge of the port of Ithaca. It is a clearly defined a small creek with a sandy beach and shallow water. Due to its proximity to the town of Vathi, the beach is ideal for families with young and older children, who can come to Loutsa with their bikes.

The waters of Loutsa are crystal clear and blue. Although it is the entrance of the bay of Vathi, one can swim comfortably, as there are buoys for the special markings required. The sand almost reaches the olive trees of the plain, while at both ends of the beach there is a cement path that facilitates access.

Loutsa’s is always full of people on summer mornings , as it’s fanatic supporters have many reasons to be there. Many walk there, combining swimming and walking on the beautiful coastal road of Ithaca.

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παραλία Λούτσα Ιθάκη

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